Countdown to Event: International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel Launches

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The eagerly anticipated International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel will be unveiled at the Global Textile Carbon Neutral Summit 2023, taking place in Huaqiao, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province on October 24th-25th. Join us in witnessing the birth of this pivotal hub for dual-carbon information in China's textile industry.

Platform Release Background

In 2022, the global textile and clothing exports reached $915 billion, making the textile industry a key player in addressing societal employment, driving economic growth, building global supply chains, and advancing the development of a shared human destiny. However, with a sluggish global economic recovery and the growing threat of climate change, the textile industry finds itself at a crossroads of significant transformation. Achieving the dual carbon goals is not only a solemn commitment by China to the international community but also an intrinsic necessity for the high-quality development of the textile and clothing sector.

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As a vital sector driving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the Chinese textile and apparel industry consistently responds to the nation's low-carbon transformation strategy, actively contributing to the global textile industry and supply chain innovation. Green and digital initiatives serve as crucial pillars for this transformation, while fair, transparent, and professional information disclosure is the cornerstone of trust-building among supply chain stakeholders. Currently, China lacks a comprehensive industry-wide dual-carbon information disclosure platform, and the International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel is precisely filling this void.

Platform Overview

The International Carbon Disclosure Platform for Textile and Apparel, jointly launched by Carbon Newture and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), aims to integrate industry carbon information using digital technology, bridge information gaps, and support the green and low-carbon transformation of Chinese textile enterprises. It fosters collaboration and information sharing among companies while addressing climate change risks. The platform is dedicated to promoting corporate compliance in disclosing carbon information and ensuring the security and compliance of carbon data exchange for both upstream and downstream companies.

This platform aligns with the goals of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and responds to the growing need for Chinese textile enterprises to meet various domestic and international green and low-carbon compliance requirements, fulfilling a crucial gap in this regard.

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The platform has three main functions: auditing and disclosing carbon data, providing solutions for carbon reduction, and offering guidance on sustainable development in carbon finance. Using digital technology, the platform will transparently disclose "dual carbon" information for enterprises, and present product lifecycle carbon footprints in a clear and phased manner. Additionally, the platform will also share in-depth articles and textile industry news. Stay tuned!