The Ministry of Commerce is hosting a Green Trade Symposium

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On October 15th, during the 134th Canton Fair, the Ministry of Commerce hosted a Green Trade Special Seminar. Over 100 representatives from government departments, chambers of commerce, industry enterprises, and research institutions attended to engage in in-depth discussions on the topic of "Promoting Green Trade and Addressing Climate Change Together." Meng Yue, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a speech, and Wang Deyang, Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Foreign Trade Development Affairs, presided over the meeting.

In his address, Meng Yue emphasized that actively addressing climate change and promoting green, low-carbon development has become a global consensus. Developing green trade is a specific measure to promote high-quality trade and address climate change. It holds significant importance in enhancing the competitiveness of foreign trade enterprises, driving innovation in foreign trade, and promoting global environmental governance. Meng Yue pointed out that the Ministry of Commerce has taken active measures to support the development of green trade, including optimizing policy environments, promoting the transformation of platforms toward green and low-carbon, exploring the formulation of green and low-carbon standards, promoting the construction of public service platforms, and conducting specialized training on green trade. These efforts aim to enhance the awareness of green and low-carbon development among foreign trade enterprises and actively seize new opportunities in green industry development.

Representatives from institutions such as the National Development and Reform Commission's Energy Research Institute, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center, the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Arts and Crafts, as well as companies like Volkswagen and Trina Solar, engaged in extensive discussions on the topic of "Exploration and Practice of Green Trade." Participants unanimously agreed that the global economic shift toward green and low-carbon transformation is an overarching trend, and opportunities and challenges coexist in the development of green trade. In recent years, China has made positive strides in green and low-carbon transformation, with enterprises and institutions actively participating in the development process through the formulation of green and low-carbon strategies and innovative practices in green trade. In the future, efforts will continue to explore and practice green trade, strengthen international cooperation, foster new competitive advantages on the global stage, and jointly address global climate change.

Under the impetus of integrated innovation, leading nations and regions worldwide are actively advancing cutting-edge technology and industrial transformation to seize the initiative in future industrial development. In line with the direction of improving new quality production, the textile and clothing industry seeks to open up new areas and restructure supply and industrial chains.