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Nouvelle ECO

Carbon Neutral

  • Dongguan Greatex (UPW) Spinning Ltd

  • Asia-China-guangdong

  • GC-E

  • 1kg colored yarn products

Nouvelle ECO

Carbon Footprint Message

System Boundary: Cradle to Gate

Reporting Period: 2022-01-13 ~ 2022-03-18

Total emission: 7.6012 kgCO₂e

Stage emissions:

Raw material stage


3.7493 kgCO₂e


49.33 %

Manufacturing stage


3.7571 kgCO₂e


49.43 %

Product distribution and sales stage


0.0948 kgCO₂e


1.24 %

Conclusion: It was verified with regard to compliance with the requirements of ISO 14067:2018. The product carbon footprint claim is consistent with the verified product carbon footprint statement.

Carbon Offset - CDM

  • Project Name: Qinghai Maqin Gequ Level 2 Hydropower Station

  • Project Type: CDM

  • Offset Carbon Emissions: 254.35 tCO₂e

  • Project Registration No.: CN-5-1128571641-2-2-0-7507/1128571901-2-2-0-7507

  • Project Details: Dongguan Greatex (UPW) Spinning Ltd canceled a voluntary emission reduction project of 261 tCO2eq on March 6, 2023. The project is the Qinghai Maqin Gequ Level 2 Hydropower Station in the People's Republic of China. The project type is hydropower, and it has completely offset the greenhouse gas emissions of the declared target within the verification boundary to achieve product carbon neutrality.

Certification File

Carbon Neutral Certification


  • N2GHG 117343 0002 Rev. 00

  • 2023-05-06

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  • 2023-10-12

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