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Jelly fish

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Jelly fish

Carbon Footprint Message

System Boundary: Cradle to Grave

Reporting Period: 2023-10-01 ~ 2023-10-31

Total emission: 8.0100 kgCO₂e

Stage emissions:

Raw material acquisition and processing stage


4.2173 kgCO₂e


52.65 %

Manufacturing stage


2.1002 kgCO₂e


26.22 %

Product distribution and transport stage


1.6557 kgCO₂e


20.67 %

Product use and maintenance stage


0.0216 kgCO₂e


0.27 %

Product End-of-life stage


0.0152 kgCO₂e


0.19 %

Conclusion: In each stage of the product lifecycle, the most significant emission source affecting the product's carbon footprint is the production of the cashmere yarn 'Cashmere Pure-GP' during the product's raw material production and acquisition phase, accounting for 46.06%. Next is the production-related electricity consumption during the manufacturing phase, contributing 26.17%. Following that is the transportation of finished products (air freight) during the distribution and transportation phase, accounting for 20.56%.

Carbon Offset - CDM

  • Project Name: Renkeng Hydropower Project, Longchuan County, Guangdong Province

  • Project Type: CDM

  • Offset Carbon Emissions: 152.19 kgCO₂e

  • Project Registration No.: 0412TZH01129

  • Project Details: Zozorika Technology (Zhangjiakou) Co., Ltd. offsets 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the carbon footprint of the mentioned petal-edge cashmere sweater product (Product Model: Zozorikaaw01-jellyfish) by purchasing and canceling 1 ton of carbon dioxide equivalent certified emission reduction units (CDM, emission reduction unit start sequence number: IN-5-299408785-2-2-0-4776; emission reduction unit end sequence number: IN-5-299408785-2-2-0-4776). This process complies with the requirements of the Carbon Neutrality Certification Specification (PAS 2060-2014).

Certification File

Carbon Neutral Certification

  • CTI

  • CTI-SZTZJ202301183

  • 2023-12-18

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