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Air-layer fabric

Carbon Neutral

  • 上海题桥江苏纺织科技有限公司

  • Asia-China-jiangsu

  • TC65/35, 40S/1

  • 1kg of Air-layer fabric (TC65/35,40S/1)

Air-layer fabric

Carbon Footprint Message

System Boundary: Cradle to Gate

Reporting Period: 2022-11-01 ~ 2022-12-31

Total emission: 14.4400 kgCO₂e

Stage emissions:

Acquisition of raw material


6.1659 kgCO₂e


42.70 %

Transportation and Distribution


0.1314 kgCO₂e


0.91 %

Energy use


7.9449 kgCO₂e


55.02 %



0.1978 kgCO₂e


1.37 %

Conclusion: The GHG emissions generated per declared unit of Air-layer fabric products are 14.44 kgCO2e

Carbon Offset - CDM

  • Project Name: Guoshuitou Diaobingshan Quanyangou Wind Power Project

  • Project Type: CDM

  • Offset Carbon Emissions: 1446671.74 kgCO₂e

  • Project Registration No.: 5851

  • Project Details: 100170.7kg air layer fabric product (TC65/35, 40S/1), produced during November to December 2022 with batch numbers BNB22SSB0123C, 0124C, 0125C, 0128C, 0129C, 0131C, 0139C and 0145C, the total carbon emissions of which is 1446671.74 kgCO2e. GHG emissions are offset with 1447 Kyoto Units from registered CDM project (registration number: 5851) on 2023-4-27 by responsible party to achieve carbon neutrality. TÜV SÜD certified that Shanghai Tiqiao Jiangsu Textile Technology Co., Ltd. complies with the requirements of PAS2060:2014 and has achieved carbon neutrality within the verification boundary of the declared object.

Certification File

Carbon Neutral Certification


  • N2GHG 121256 0001 Rev. 00

  • 2023-05-23

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  • 2023-10-11

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