International Textile and Apparel Green Trade Initiative


Currently, the world faces economic challenges in waves of de-globalization, while long-term threats such as climate change and energy transition loom large. The textile and apparel international trade stands at the crossroads of a century-defining transformation. Achieving dual carbon goals is not only China's solemn commitment to the international community, but also an intrinsic requirement to drive high-quality development in the textile and apparel foreign trade sector.


In response to these challenges and to promote development, the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles (CCCT) and leading exporters have jointly launched the "International Textile and Apparel Green Trade Initiative" which is a crucial step to explore the path to economic recovery and healthy sustainable development in the face of the surging tides of the times. We hereby call upon all players in the textile and apparel trade as follows.


To Embrace the Low-Carbon Concept and Promote Global Green Efforts in the Textile and Apparel Sector


Since the introduction of the "dual carbon" goals, China's development of a green and low-carbon economy has been accelerating. This transformation encompasses green industrial transition and green consumption among residents, affecting various aspects of society. The textile and apparel international trade is deeply connected to both industrial production and daily consumption. Accounting for over 30% of the world's total trade volume, it plays a crucial role in stabilizing the global supply chain and significantly impacts the development of global green supply chains. We advocate for the industry to embrace the concept of green development and collectively promote the global green efforts in the textile and apparel sector.


To Enhance Supply Chain Transparency with a Global Perspective


Improving transparency of all aspects of the textile and apparel supply chain is essential for global trade cooperation. We call upon the textile and apparel players to enhance disclosure of carbon footprints, increase transparency throughout the industry chain, promote mutual trust, assistance, and learning among enterprises. This will help the industry adopt a global perspective, proactively adapt to changes in international rules, and better integrate into the new global trade landscape.


To Strengthen Carbon Information Disclosure to Build a Green Network


The development of green and low-carbon trade is driving industry iteration and paradigm innovation, reshaping value rules and comparative advantages. We encourage companies to actively participate in the information disclosure of the "International Textile and Apparel Dual Carbon Information Disclosure Platform". Accelerating information disclosure through zero-carbon product certification and carbon labeling systems will establish a solid foundation for the industry's green development.


To Enhance Industry Collaboration and Build a Global Cooperation Platform for Sustainable Development


We advocate for the active role of industry platforms in raising awareness of green development. This includes guiding efforts in sustainable development and inclusive growth capacity building, strengthening communication and cooperation between upstream and downstream supply chain companies, domestic and foreign brand owners, and consumer markets. This will drive collaborative innovation in the international textile and apparel supply chain and create a dynamic platform for sustainable development in the textile and apparel industry.


Proactively Adapt to the Green Revolution and Enhance Internal Dynamics


The textile and apparel trade sector is highly interconnected and interdependent. We look forward to having more partners joining this Initiative and taking the idea of the shared community of human destiny as our guide. This involves proactively adapting to the new green revolution and industrial transformation, enhancing internal dynamics through adhering to traditional values and innovation. It is through cross-sector integration, mutual respect, practical cooperation, and a spirit of co-development that we can shape a shared and prosperous future.


Signees of International Textile and Apparel Green Trade Initiative (List A)



Anhui Garments Imp.and Exp.co.,Ltd.


Chenfeng Group


Orient International(Holding)co., Ltd.


Guangdong Textiles Imp,&exp.co.ltd.


Jiangsu Dongdu Textile Group Co.,Ltd.


Jiangsu Guotai International Group Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Soho International Group Corp.


Sumec Textile Company Limited


Sumec Textile & Light Industry Co.,Ltd.


Chengda International Co., Ltd.


Qingdao Jifa Group Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Silk Group Co.,Ltd.


Weiqiao Textile Company Limited


Esquel Group


Zhejiang Orient Financial Holdings Group Co.,Ltd.


Zhejiang Cathaya International Co.,Ltd.


Zhejiang Textiles Imp & Exp Group Co., Ltd.